Study of the hysteresis curves of transformer stampings, ferrites and other magnetic materials of different shapes and determination of their energy losses
Study of the hysteresis curve as a function of the magnetic field.
Determination of saturation, magnetization , remanence and coercivity of magnetic materials
Theory in the conventional techniques of tracing the B-H loop, one has to wind a primary and secondary coil on the specimen and experiment with it.
This method is not convenient for a quick study of shapes of B-H loops of different materials.
The present technique can be used to study B-H loop by simply interesting the specimen in a magnetizing coil. It makes use of a specially designed integrated circuit probe to measure the flux density b.
The block diagram of the apparatus is shown below:

Max H 4000a/m
Max B 2 tesla
Precision 0.001 gauss
Freq 0.5 Hz