The investigation of magnetic materials with extreme ultraviolet (UV) radiation

The utilization of extreme ultraviolet radiation to investigate magnetic materials enables the acquisition of a comprehensive microscopic depiction of the interaction between magnetic systems and light. This approach represents the most rapid method to manipulate a magnetic material. The Max Born Institute, under the leadership of a team of researchers, has successfully established the experimental and theoretical foundation necessary to interpret spectroscopic signals obtained through this probing technique. The outcomes of their study have been published in Physical Review Letters. This newfound understanding now facilitates the quantitative separation of signals originating from distinct elements within a single material. The first author of the study said: “As most functional magnetic materials are made up from several elements, this understanding is crucial to study such materials, especially when we are interested in the more complex dynamic response when manipulating them with laser pulses”. In addition, he said: “Combining experiment and theory, we are now ready to investigate how the dynamic microscopic processes may be utilized to achieve a desired effect, such as switching the magnetization on a very short time scale. This is of both fundamental and applied interest.”

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