The use of nanomagnetic mechanisms in the storage and manipulation of data

Logic and memory devices, including computer hard drives, now utilize nanomagnetic mechanisms to store and manipulate data. Unlike silicon transistors, which have inherent efficiency limitations, these devices do not require energy to maintain their magnetic state. Energy is only necessary for reading and writing information. The transportation of spin without a charge can be achieved through the use of a topological insulator, a material that is insulating internally but can facilitate the flow of electrons on its surface.

In a paper published in Physical Review Applied, a team of researchers from New York University presents a voltage-controlled topological spin switch (vTOPSS). This innovative switch only requires electric fields, rather than currents, to transition between two Boolean logic states. As a result, it significantly reduces the generation of heat and energy consumption. Accordingly, the dependence on cloud storage will decrease due to vTOPPS, leading to enhanced security in computing by making it harder for hackers to infiltrate a system’s hardware. The upcoming stages will focus on refining materials and design to boost switching speed, along with the creation of prototypes.

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