AC Pulse Deposition System

Basically, electrochemical deposition process is utilized for the growth of metals and conducting metal oxides due to the following advantages: the possibility of precisely controlling the thickness and morphology of the nanostructure by fine-tuning of electrochemical parameters; relatively uniform deposits can be fabricated into template-based structures; higher deposition rates are obtained; and the equipment is affordable due to the lack of a high vacuum or high reaction temperature.

The pulse electrodeposition has been proposed as a simple modification of the conventional electroplating process, involving the fast alternating of the potential or current between two different values, which results in a series of pulses with equal amplitude, duration and polarity, separated by zero current. In this way, one can change the pulse amplitude and width in order to deposit the film and alter its thickness and composition. The experimental parameters of pulse AC electrodeposition consist of peak current/potential, effective current/potential, duty cycle, and frequency.

MDK AC Pulse Deposition System is a perfect tool to fabricate nanostructured materials, especially nanowires, based on template-based methods.


Technical Specifications:

Signal Output Amplitude:                  50 V P-P

Output Current:                                  ± 1 A

Current Sensor Accuracy:                  0.1 mA

Sampling Rate:                                   200 kHz

Delay Time between Pulses:              0-100 Sec (Accuracy: 1µ Sec)

Repeatability:                                     @1000000 pulses 100%

Power Consumption:                          50 W@ 220 V; 50 Hz

Control System:                                  Nanotech Research Lab Software


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