Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

MDK vibrating sample magnetometers (VSMs) are designed to accurately measure basic and detailed magnetic properties of a wide range of magnetic materials. These properties are obtained through major hysteresis loop, initial magnetization curve, first-order reversal curve (FORC) diagram, and ZFC/FC curve, giving rise to several magnetic parameters such as coercive field (Hc), remanence magnetization (Mr), saturation magnetization (Ms), switching field distribution, coercivity distribution, interaction field distribution, Curie temperature, etc. These VSMs can measure magnetic properties of bulk, thinfilm, powder and fluid samples in temperature ranges from 100 to 1000 K.


Technical Specifications:

Max. Magnetic Field: 2.5 Tesla

Min. Magnetization: Fast: 10-3 emu; Slow: 10-4 emu; Sensitivity: 10-5 emu

Field Resolution: 0.5 Oe

Sample: Bulk, Thinfilm, Powder, Fluid

Field Accuracy: 1% of reading or 0.05% of full range

Field Stability < 0.05% RMS of full scale


Moment Measurement:


@ Room temperature             5 mm sample            5 s/pt               5 × 10-6 emu

@ Room temperature             5 mm sample              10 s/pt             10-6 emu

@ Oven                                   5 mm sample              5 s/pt               4 × 10-5 emu


Moment Accuracy:     ±1%

Moment Repeatability < ±1%

Sample Mass: 0-2 g

Dynamic Range: 1 µemu to 500 emu


Temperature Option:


Oven: 300 K-1000 K

Cryostat: 100 K-300 K


Vibration Frequency: 25 Hz to 80 Hz


Power: 5 KW

Weight: 400-1200 Kg

Options: Heating and Cooling Stages; Auto-loading; First-Order Reversal Curve (FORC).


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