Digital Thermometer

MDK Digital Thermometer is a sensitive thermometer, being able to measure temperature and detect small variations in it. By using the data logger and software, the measurements can be transmitted to PC through RS232 or USB port, while also plotting Temperature vs Time plot in the software. This kind of measurement may be ideal for hyperthermia applications, thereby evaluating SLP of ferrofluids carefully.



Type: Non-metallic sensor, not affected by eddy current

Temperature Range: –20 to +150 °C

Precision: 0.1 °C

Interface: RS232 or USB

Sampling rate: 1 to 5 sample per second

Power supply: 220 V,  20 W

Data logger and Software: Optional

No calibration required

Idea for hyperthermia measurements

Dimensions: 21 cm × 23 cm × 9 cm


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