Hyperthermia System

As an advanced method of cancer treatment, magnetic hyperthermia has attracted the attention of researchers because of its advantages, including the access of deeper body tissues due to the higher penetration depth of magnetic waves than light and sound waves, repeatability and controllability of the heat amount by the magnetic characteristics, and reduced absorption of blood proteins compared to other methods.

The specific loss power (SLP) is the main quantity in evaluating magnetic hyperthermia. The SLP is indicative of the amount of heat (per time and mass unit) induced by ferrofluid under an alternating magnetic field as expressed below:

wher e c and mNPs represent the specific heat capacity of the fluid, and the mass of magnetic materials (for example nanoparticles) dispersed in the ferrofluid solution, respectively. Moreover, ΔT/Δt is the initial slope of the temperature (T)-time (t) curve in hyperthermia measurements.

The MDK Hyperthermia System is capable of accurately measuring SLP of different types of ferrofluids designed for magnetic hyperthermia applications.


Technical Specifications:

Magnetic Field:                      0-500 Oe

Frequency:                              Selectable: 50-400 kHz

Coil Diameter:                        5-10 cm

Stability:                                 1% Error Full Scale

Temperature Measurement Sensor:                PT 100

Temperature Accuracy:                      0.01 °C (0-80 °C)

Control System:                                  Software


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