MDK Magnetizer works on the principle of capacitor discharge, thereby generating large unidirectional currents into coils and fixtures that create magnetization of ferrite, Alnico or rare-earth magnet-based DC motors.

This magnetizer device is designed for a capacity ranging from 300 to 45000 J with working voltages ranging from 300 to 1500 V. Also, the working duty cycles are matched ranging from minimum of 3 s per pulse for magnetizers with capacity of 300 to 3000 J. Electronic rapid charge and discharge circuits make it possible to perform the magnetization at such a fast rate.

It is feasible to utilize microprocessor-based interfacing in automated and semi-automated systems to achieve rapid production cycles for loudspeakers, magnetos in automobiles, and residual current circuit brakes in the switchgear industry. The magnetizer can also be designed to the customer’s requirement with additional indications and controls for the magnetization fixtures. MDK also offers Demagnetizer for discharge of permanent magnets.


Technical Specifications:

Magnetic field:                       0–10 Tesla (optional)

Coil diameter:                                     1–20 cm (optional)

Repeatability:                         1%

Power Consumption:              220 V, 1 A, one phase

Capacitor bank:                       500 µF–2000 µF

Output voltage:                       0–2000 V

Switch                                     Thyristor or IGBT

Weight:                                   ~ 150 kg


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