Power Supply

MDK company can design and manufacture different types of power supplies at various voltages and powers by manual or computer control, along with linear and switching controls. The voltmeter and ammeter are digital with the PC control capability and customized software.



Output voltage: 0–1000 V

Output current: 0–40 A

Interface: RS232/USB

ADC bits: 10–16 bit

Input: 220–380 V

linear/switching unipolar/bipolar


We can design and manufacture different types of manual or computer control signal generators with different frequencies and waveforms.

Output frequency: 1 Hz–25 MHz

Desired waveform/triangle/square/sine

Amplitude: 0–100 V

Interface: RS232/USB

Software available

Power: 220 V ac


We also manufacture different types of voltage power supplies with constant or pulse outputs.

Output voltage: 0–10 kV

Output current: 1–100 mA

Duty cycle: 0–100%

Pulse time: 1–1000 ms


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