Soft BH Tracer

MDK Soft BH Tracer enables the study of hysteresis loops of transformer stampings and strips, ferrites and other soft magnetic materials of different shapes, together with determination of their energy losses. Accordingly, saturation magnetization, remanence magnetization and coercivity of soft magnetic materials can be accurately measured. As an innovative and important capability, this device can measure first-order reversal curves (FORCs) of soft magnetic materials, providing insights into their detailed magnetic behavior and domain states. In addition, major and minor loops, and initial magnetization curve can be accurately measured


Technical Specifications:

Field Range:               ± 0-30000 A/m; Accuracy: (± 0.001 Oe)

Flux Meter Range:                  ± 3 Tesla

Flux Meter Accuracy:             ± 0.01 Oe

Frequency:                              ≈ DC to 1 kHz

Options: Major and Minor Loops, Initial Curve, FORC


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