Hard BH Tracer

MDK Hard BH Tracer device is a DC automatic measuring system for characterization of hard magnetic materials such as Alnico, Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, and bonded magnets. This device meets International Standard. The measurements are performed at room temperature, allowing for extraction of various magnetic parameters such as Remanence (Br), Coercivity (HcB), HcJ, Maximum energy product (BH)max, Recoil Permeability (μ recoil), etc. Optional temperature pole caps (LPT) enable measurements above 200 °C. Moreover, automatic measurement of 1st and 2nd quadrant, complete hysteresis loop, recoil linewidth range of accessories for any sample shape or size can be provided.


Technical Specifications:

Field Range:                           ±2 Tesla @ 2 cm gap

Flux Meter Accuracy:             1 G @ 2 Tesla

Flux Meter Range:                  ±3 Tesla

Sample Size:                           Diameter: 0-5 cm; Length: 5 mm to 3 cm

Magnet Shape: Cylinder, ring, and prism

Frequency:                              DC to 500 Hz

Power Consumption:              50 W to 5 kW @ Max Field

Weight:                                   ≈ 700 kg


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