Hard/Mild/Photonic Anodizing System

The process of anodizing aluminum involves an electrochemical reaction that alters the metal’s surface chemistry through oxidation, resulting in the formation of an anodic oxide layer. Through this process, it becomes possible to create a well-organized arrangement of cylindrical pores with precise control over their diameter, spacing, and density. As a result, anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) membranes can serve as templates in various nanotechnological applications, eliminating the requirement for costly lithographic methods.

MDK Hard/Mild/Photonic Anodizing System can be considered a reliable tool for anodization of metals and fabrication of nanoporous membranes.


Technical Specifications:

Output Voltage:                                  0–800 V (Selectable); (Accuracy: 0.1 V)

Output Current:                                   Up to 10 A (Selectable)

A Meter Range:                                  0–5 A

A Meter Accuracy:                             0.1 A

Interface:                                            USB/RS232

Mode                                                   Hard/Mild/Photonic

Control System:                                  Nanotech Research Lab Software


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