Ferroelectric Tester

MDK Ferroelectric Tester is a perfect device for researchers who are looking for a flexible unit at an affordable price to investigate ferroelectric and dielectric properties of materials. This device has a hysteresis frequency rating of 200 Hz, and is offered in a +/- 200 V built-in drive volt option. The voltage can be expanded to 10 kV with the addition of a 10 kV High Voltage Interface and a High Voltage Amplifier.


Technical Specifications:

Applied Field:                    ± 0 to 10 KV/cm

Field Accuracy:                  0.01% Full range

Frequency:                                         10-1000 Hz

Internal Check:                   50 kHz

Main Leakage Current:      20 pA

Voltage Range with External Amp:                               ±to 20 kV (selectable)

Voltage Range without External Amp:          ±10 V

Number of ADC:                               10 bit

Min Charge Resolution:    250 fC

Max Charge Resolution:   10 µC

Type of Output Voltage:                                     Sine wave/Triangle

Control System:                                                            Software


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